Cory Morrow

Happiness has always come naturally to Cory Morrow. With his rollicking, soulful, feel-good Texas country, has has made thousands jump on tabletops, shimmy, scream, and suspend worries for almost two decades, like a honky-tonk pied piper – and he shows no signs of stopping. But these days, Morrow is also devoted to something more.

“I’ve always been able to find happiness and help others find happiness,” he says. “But there’s a difference between happiness and joy. Now, I feel like there’s a deeper sense of joy that’s not circumstantial.”

That deep joy courses throughout The Good Fight, released June 16, 2015. The 15-song collection was recorded at East Austin’s 12th Street Sound and polished at the Zone Recording Studio in nearby Dripping Springs, Texas. Reflecting on the process from his home in Austin, Morrow says, “I want it to be right. Looking back on other albums, I feel like I’ve settled on certain things. And this time, I really don’t want to settle.”

Listening to The Good Fight, it’s immediately clear that this is a record brimming with guts, truth, and growth – not compromises.

 Zach Coffey 


To say that Zach Coffey is different from most young country musicians would be an understatement. How many others sang opera in college? Not only is his musical background different, but so is his approach to his performances. Consider one of the mantras he shares with the members of his band, Zach Coffey and the Grind. That infectious enthusiasm for making music and entertaining audiences comes through loud and clear when the band is on stage and in the recording studio. Coffey’s smooth, versatile voice blends perfectly with the instruments and a fresh sounds.

The band burst into the Texas music scene, almost immediately after its inception in the summer of 2013. The group’s first single, I Love You Anyway, shot up to No. 8 on the Texas music chart; its follow-up single, Comin’ Back Around, also cracked the list of the top songs being produced in Texas and continues to climb. The band has a sound that suggests a much longer history, and has inspired comparisons to artists like Wade Bowen and the Eli Young Band. Coffey has enormous respect for those artists, but is not sure the comparisons are an exact match … which he sees as a good thing.The band’s sound has worked. Since the foursome came together, fans have turned out in droves, packing some of the top music venues in North Texas.” Now the band’s audience continues to grow through a slate of performances across the Southwest, new original music and through avenues like the “Coffey Break” feature that appears each Wednesday on the band’s Facebook page. How large that audience will end up being is anyone’s guess.

“I don’t know,” Coffey says when asked about what he and his band might become. “I’ll never be complacent with where I am in my career, where we are as a band. We’re going to keep making music and keep reaching out to the people who come see us play. They enjoy the music, and we love making music for them.”


Atom SmasherAtom

Atom Smasher has been doing radio since the age of 16. He was born and raised in the “Cajun Country” of South Louisiana and first took a job in Houston in 1998 at 104 KRBE. He’s been in the Houston market for over a decade and also made a name for himself in Dallas, New Orleans, and Southern Indiana.

He’s been with his wife Katie for over 10 years. She’s a native of Kingwood and they have two sons Ryder (8) and Cooper (5). Atom currently does a show from his home studio & is looking grow his show in other markets. You can hear it daily on WoodlandsHits.com and 97 X in Owensboro Ky. You can also podcast it daily by going to www.smashershow.com


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